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OTM's 5-Week Virtual Organization Design Masterclass

September 13th - October 13th, 2022

Our accredited skill development course prepares and positions internal and external change agents to address any business challenges that come their way. We'll spend time getting clear on what organization design entails by using real world projects and case studies. 

Come collaborate with us and learn why our commitment-based approach has worked for over three decades.

Earn Credit Towards Your CODP Certification!

What You'll Gain From Our Masterclass:

Real experience with real organization design projects

Expertise from seasoned organization design practitioners

Full access to OTM's proven solution; digital & hardcopy

Methods for building engagement & commitment

Active collaboration with fellow participants for a robust & engaging experience

Support after the course is over

What Past Participants Say:

Awesome | Educational | Thought-Provoking | Effective | Detailed | Empowering

"Completely thrilled that I went! The size was perfect and the intimacy that was developed between attendees was great. Well designed class."

"[It] felt like such a privilege to learn so much from [OTM] as experts in their field but also walk away with so much knowledge - [I] came out feeling truly up-skilled."

"I see myself being more systematic and aware of the importance of strategy & leadership alignment to ensure effective implementation of my org design works."

"I have a more clear methodology which is robust enough to support a complex org re-design need within my organization."

What Makes This Masterclass Distinct?

Less surveys and one-on-one interviews

Equips participants with unique skills for gaining commitment & beginning engagement early on

More shared dialogue & collaboration

Deep explanation of models before putting them into practice

Hands-on application of concepts and models

More than boring lectures. Active learning in workshops & groups

About OTM

ON THE MARK (OTM) has successfully delivered close to 450 organization redesigns and operating model modernization projects in 35+ countries on five continents across most industry sectors for every type of business function and enterprise-wide over its 30+ years in business.

OTM offers one of the industry’s most disciplined, integrated and comprehensive re-design solutions that simplifies an operating model, removing complications. OTM has trained and developed over 5,000 internal change agents and leaders around the globe in our unique organization design solution using the 10/20/70 model of development.

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